“Imagine a community that wisely loves addicts in which Jesus is not just an aid to sobriety but the very center…a community that understands temptations, repents with joy, and is simple yet sophisticated in the way it does spiritual battle.”
— Ed Welch, Advisory Board Member

Redemption House is a non-profit, Christ-centered addiction recovery residence. Our heart-focused discipleship model teaches alcohol and drug dependent men how to live joyous and sober lives through a reciprocal fellowship of love with Jesus. Residents turn away from themselves and grow in their dependence on Him by incorporating the gospel into the details of life. Over time, they cumulatively worship their way out of addiction through the practice of honoring God in everything they do.

Surrounded by expansive wetlands and pristine woods, residents enjoy recreational activities on nearby lakes and nature trails. Located just thirty five minutes west of downtown Minneapolis, the lodge like setting magnifies God’s majesty and enhances our focus on His love for us. This private, serene setting is the perfect backdrop for prayer, worship and personal reflection.



Residents learn to repent with joy, incorporating God's will to be able to worship our way out of addiction.

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